Thousand Oaks, California

Feeder Fresh Nectar DefenderWhat is Feeder FreshTM Nectar DefenderTM? 


• Nectar Defender is an innovative new product, designed to promote the health of hummingbirds, by naturally keeping   their nectar fresh and healthy. 

• It keeps nectar fresh for weeks instead of days.

• It works by using a trace level of micronutrient copper, a mineral that is essential for the natural health of hummingbirds.

Is it safe for hummingbirds?

• Yes.
• Copper is a commonly present element, naturally present in food, soil and water. Hummingbirds naturally consume micronutrient copper in their daily diet of insects and nectar. It is something they must have for their normal growth and development.
• Micronutrient copper is present in many of the foods hummingbirds consume in their natural diet. An example is the fruit fly, which is a common part of a hummingbird’s diet, and has a copper content three times that of Nectar Defender. Other insects contain copper in the same range. Birds have a higher need for copper then other animals. Birds that do not consume an adequate level of copper encounter many serious health issues.


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